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The product name «Electronic Tour Guide», the Electronic Tour Guide logo and all other logos and slogans shown on this website are trade marks of Studio-o! s.r.o.

It is forbidden to use the «Electronic Tour Guide» trademarks and house style in relation to products and services of other companies in any form that may mislead customers or discredit the «Electronic Tour Guide». All trade marks that do not belong to Studio-o! s.r.o. or related companies, but are used on this website, are the property of their owners who not be affiliated with Studio-o! s.r.o., connected with Studio-o! s.r.o. in any way and/or be supported by Studio-o! s.r.o.


All contents of this website and the media-content of the device «Electronic Tour Guide» – in particular, the text, graphics, logos, button symbols, images, sounds and compositions, digital content and other software, as well as the content arrangement and layout are the property of Studio-o! s.r.o. and are protected by copyright law.

End-user confidentiality

In order to expand the area covered by the electronic guide and improve the service, the device records the statistics of visiting various geographic locations. These data contain exclusively the geographic coordinates, times of visit and visit frequency. No other information except for these is recorded or used.

Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as «Terms») regulate the relationship between the service provider, Studio-O! s.r.o. company («Provider») and the end user or partner (actual and prospective) of the company (hereinafter referred to as «Customer»). The Customer must familiarize him/herself with these Terms before placing an order.

On placing an order, the Customer has to pass to Provider the information required for facilitating the service. Transfer of any additional information is at Customer's discretion.

  • 1. Terms of service

    The Provider rents to the Customer the interactive audio-book «Electronic Tour Guide» (with or without additional equipment) (hereafter referred to as Device) subject to conditions specified on placing the order and the payment made. The act of renting the Device to the Customer hereafter referred to as Service.

    All legal responsibilities of Provider and Customer that are not explicitly specified in these Terms are as per the Law of Czech Republic

    Customer accepts that purchasing the Service does not transfer to him/her any rights of using the trademark, product names, logos or patents belonging to the Provider or any other company unless otherwise specified by a separate agreement between the Customer and Provider.

    Customer accepts that he/she not allowed to disassemble the Device and copy its content (including direct recording of audio output), take a device outside the city, where the Device was rent, sell or rent Device to third parties as well as organize a collective listening in order to commercial gain. Customer is responsible for stealing or intentional damage of the Device as well as for copying its content or firmware (or any part of its content or firmware) in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic and international law.

  • 2. Confidentiality and data protection

    Provider informs Buyer that in order to improve the quality of Service personal data of Buyer entered on the moment of booking or partnership application, the history of the correspondence as well as audio recordings of telephone conversations can be saved and stored without additional notice.

    Provider affirms that all personal data of the Customer will be used exclusively for the provision of Service and will not be made public or transferred to third parties. This excludes any data transfer to third parties required for the provision of Service or for processing the payment as well, as except, for cases stipulated by the legislation in accordance with the act of the competent state bodies and / or to protect the interests of the Seller.

    In case of order of demonstrational or customized version of Devices the Customer authorizes Provider for usage of any single random fragment of sound created by Provider or provided by the Customer (no more than 5 minutes) for advertising and promotional purposes.

  • 3. Pricing

    Provider reserves the right to change prices at any time without prior notice.

  • 4. Order processing

    Customer receives the Service at the price valid at the moment of provision. If for any reason the Service that has been booked by Customer cannot be provided (for example, because no devices are available for the specified booking period), the Provider must notify the Customer by email supplied at the moment of booking. Provider reserves the right to change the price of Service taking into account the market situation and currency rates. If Customer does not agree to a price change, he/she has the right to cancel the booking.

    Service can be booked in one of the following ways: using the online booking system (referred to hereafter «Internet shop») or in person at a Rental Point

  • 5. Ending the agreement (end users only, special conditions exist for partners)

    If Customer is unable to return the Device or returns the Device in a condition that reduces its value (for example, in case the Device is damaged or not functional), the Customer must pay pecuniary compensation to Provider in accordance with laws of Czech Republic. Amount of the compensation for device itself will be equal to 60 Euro for each unit. Amount of the compensation for earphones, loudspeaker, memo and map is 3 Euros and for splitter and jack-USB converter is 2 Euros for each item.

  • 6. Terms of payment and returns

    All bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the pick up date and time are non refundable. Please note if appropriate I.D., the necessary payment/deposit is not produced at time of pick up or the Terms and Conditions are not adhered to in any way, and the rental cannot proceed, no refund will be made. Cancellations can be made by contacting the clients service (see contact details on the website).

    Payment submitted via intermediate merchant service is refundable excluding the intermediate merchant service charge.

    If Customer does not return the Device or returns the Device in a condition that reduces its value (for example, in case the Device is damaged), the Customer must pay compensation to Provider in accordance with laws of Czech Republic, which will be deduced from the current cost of Device.

  • 7. Terms of collection

    Only the person specified in the booking form is allowed to collect the Device. Proof of identification is required (passport or valid I.D. or driving license).

  • 8. Warranty

    Warranty on goods covered by these Terms is regulated by the relevant laws of Czech Republic.

  • 9. Final provisions

    These Terms come into force on 3 January 2014 and replace all previous terms and conditions. Provider reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

    These Terms are established and regulated in accordance with the laws of Czech Republic.