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Why not App for iPhone / Android?

Smartphones have two serious problems, battery life and content delivery. Geo-location is a very voracious function. Today's smartphones only last two to three hours with navigation on. Our device runs for over 8 hours without recharging. Besides, continuous delivery of the necessary volume of content (and this is several gigabytes (!) of audio data), without permanent network connection, turns out to be extremely problematic as well. Will you install an application, requiring 8GB of free space?

Moreover, unlike apps that can collect and use your data, a standalone device provides 100% control over your privacy. Our city audioguide does not collect any data about you, it does not ask you for access to your photos or phonebook and it does not impose any additional services. It does exactly what you expect it to do - namely, it plays the role of your invisible companion while telling you about the city and its attractions in a non-intrusive manner. And, I dare say, it does it much better than most umbrella guides :)

Ultimately, we like the idea of a small device that is easy to use and doesn't distract from your walk. And we don't want to limit ourselves in the quality and volume of audio content :)

Do these work in all areas of Prague?

Content for Prague fully covers the tourist area, including all the main historical sites as well as the streets and areas in between. In general, the coverage topology is designed to cover 99% of the main pedestrian routes in the historical part of the city. On the whole, the materials are substantially redundant, and, as the walk statistics show, none of our clients have yet managed to listen to all of our guide's stories in their entirety :) You can see the approximate coverage on the map in the description on the first page. The greener areas indicate greater amount of content.

My plans have changed. Can I cancel my booking?

If you have at least one day before your booking date you can still cancel your booking, but on returning the payment we will withhold the booking fee charged by our merchant. Otherwise we are unable to cancel your booking. You can also amend the booking period by getting in touch with our advisers.

Does the Electronic Tour Guide have a screen?

No – and why would it need one? We like the idea of travelling without a route and directions and this is what makes our project stand out. Rambling through the streets with your Electronic Tour Guide, you will immerse yourself in the city’s authentic atmosphere and experience it as if you have lived there. From time to time, the Electronic Guide will offer you some destinations to visit, but you will always have the freedom to say «No» and walk wherever you feel like. The audio program covers the most exciting districts of the city and tells you about the most interesting sights in each of them.

And what happens if I get lost? I see that the Guide doesn't have a screen, so I won't be able to see my location on the map.

From time to time, the device will offer you directions to continue your tour, which will probably include places you recognize. But even more importantly, the guide has a simple built-in navigation system that will memorize up to four «favourite locations» (such as, for example, your hotel and The Old Town Square) and it will help you get there at your request. Oh, and there is actually a basic map in the leaflet that you will receive with the guide :)

Can I use my own headphones with the Electronic Tour Guide?

Easy! The Guide is equipped with the most common headphone plug, Jack 3.5 mm. You will be impressed with the sound quality.

We are a couple (a group of friends). Can we rent a single device and use it for everyone? Are there discounts on multiple rentals?

Yes, you can rent a single device with a special splitter and an extra pair of headphones for free. Another idea is to connect the Tour Guide to portable loud speaker – why not? However, please note that the Electronic Tour Guide is mainly intended for personal use (or, at most, as a couple) and may not fit to the idea of a group ramble. We recommend that for your comfort you rent two or more devices if visiting as a group.

Do you have any discounts for several days booking?

Yep. The price is reduced by 50% from the second day of booking.

I would like to be your partner (I want to use your device to create an Electronic Guide to my city. I want to use your device for my project which isn't a tour guide.)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us about your idea! We will do our best to offer you co-operation on mutually beneficial terms and help you adapt the device for your purpose.

Hello, While browsing for tour guiding devices for Europe, I came across your web site. I think this is a great device and wanted to learn more about what I can do to partner for my city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Thanks

Thank you for the nice review! We are open for cooperation and have a special section for potential partners in other cities. If you want to open a business using our devices in your city, fill in a simple form in the Cooperation & Partnership section, indicate the approximate number of devices and other preliminary parameters. We will contact you and discuss the details. If you want to order the development of a customised version of the device or app, no problem. We will be glad to cooperate.