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Prague weather forecast

for the next ten days:

20 Feb, Tuesday

8°c / 47°f

Winds WNW 6.22 m/s
light rain

21 Feb, Wednesday

9°c / 49°f

Winds W 6.5 m/s
overcast clouds

22 Feb, Thursday

8°c / 47°f

Winds WSW 8.45 m/s
moderate rain

23 Feb, Friday

9°c / 49°f

Winds W 6.41 m/s
light rain

24 Feb, Saturday

9°c / 49°f

Winds ESE 3.56 m/s
light rain

25 Feb, Sunday

8°c / 47°f

Winds E 3.32 m/s
broken clouds

26 Feb, Monday

8°c / 47°f

Winds SE 5.35 m/s
overcast clouds

27 Feb, Tuesday

8°c / 47°f

Winds SE 5.57 m/s
overcast clouds

28 Feb, Wednesday

14°c / 58°f

Winds SSE 7.81 m/s
overcast clouds

29 Feb, Thursday

12°c / 54°f

Winds SE 7.34 m/s
light rain


If you have any questions, our advisers are here to help

We are here from 9-00 to 16-00 (UTC) except for the weekend. Please don't hesitate to send SMS in case of unavaliability :)


The locations of our rental points where you can collect and/or return your device are shown on the map below. By clicking on the ETG marker at each location you can see its name and full address.

This is a list of rental points where you can collect and/or return your device. We have detected that JavaScript is turned off in your browser, so unfortunately you are not able to use our interactive map.

Please choose the city to see the locations of our rental points on the map.

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This is a full list of rental points in Prague. Click on the rental point name to display its location on the map.



Míšeňská 68/8
Opening hours: 9:00 - 16:00 every day


art gallery

Thunovská 19
Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00 every day


Coffee Shop

Janovského 919/36
Opening hours: (Mo - Fr) 10:00 - 20:00
+420 608 432 890

- available - temporary lack of available devices